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iLLumunati 2G Capital-X CD Review

Check out Jehuniko's review of the new Capital X album by clicking the image above or just reading below.

The "Spic in Black", the raptivist, the MC, or the voice of the voiceless? I call Capital X a real OG. What do you get when you have a young OG, super hard production, raw lyricism filled with truth and a delivery that channels all of the great speakers of our time. You get Capital X and his new album which is now available on i-Tunes.

Redemption – A fierce song that gets you hyped. As I write this, the kids walk around saying "Redemption." What is crazy is that the imagery he creates is the real deal and the effect that it has on your spirit is like gasoline to a fire.

Violent Resistance – interlude "the United States taught us very well how to be violent""for those that know the truth but choose to live a lie instead"

Face the Music - "Especially if you in Texas cuz you gonna die" What is dope about Capital X, is that he is not preachy, he just spits hard. Political truth in the vein of a G therefore the end result is mad quotables that just go hard but at the same time real information about the lies of world government. 90’s sounding NY hip hop beat.

Bullshit – interlude G.Bush reciting poetry and witchcraft secret messages. Like that recent billboard somewhere in the US on the side of the road with a photo of Bush and said "do you miss me?"

Conspiracy - Sick voice……adrenalin song….slower beat, just real hard….like funeral sounds..Capital X delivery is exceptional here.Prisoner Anthony Hayes from Death Row - "I make today count"

999330 - Another slow banging anthem. Production on the whole album reminds me of old Mobb Deep, dark and banging. Feeling the grimy melody in the hook. Music you can ride to because has the main elements necessary for eternal shelf life: Timeless banging production. Raw Delivery. Real person behind the music.

I Want Justice -Crazy intro, like some Asian movie sample? Seen him perform this song live in front of kids, older people, hip hop heads, everyone singing along. One of Capital X’s anthems.

Channel 4 interlude - Walk for Life Journey, Capital X speaking live on the news regarding the death penalty and his walk from New Jersey to Texas protesting it.

Walk the Walk - Here he gets down on some old school West Coast funk, "I leave cracks in the asphalt like San Andreas fault." The man from Brooklyn speaking his mind.

Frederick Douglas - interlude "if there is no struggle, there is no progress."

Spic in Black - Nice moody guitar that drops into a heavy guitar riff, then the strings come in. 40 seconds of instrumental set the tone of the warrior and his living word. "I wear black for all the millions locked down on all cell blocks ‘cuz I’m still mourning Biggie, L, Pac and Scott La Rock."

On the Run - One of my favorite songs. Hook is real solid. "Raise ya fists up, White Yellow Red Black or Brown I'm snatching the crown, murdering with the sound." This one is hard.

From the Frontlines - "hail of gunfire or locked in a cage" this is the song. Seen him perform this one. The Production kind of reminds me of "Shook Ones" from Mobb Deep. This is gangster music right here. There is a lot of talk about a rapper named Shyne who recently got out of jail. As a hip hop fan and person with a strong dislike for greed and senseless murder, Capital X is what I would hope that Shyne would sound like after being locked up.

Life – featuring Akir. Slow and twisted. "Serving life in this game now, without parole with nothing to lose, like I’m stranded on death row." Yes, another solid banger.

Criminals of War - Ill drum roll intro, this beat is sooooo sick. A slow and rumble with a vocal sample repeating. "Ignoring international laws, ignoring international courts." The hook goes metal which caught me by surprise but compliments the song nicely.

George L.Jackson – interlude "brutality leads to more resistance"

Fight the Apathy - The chase scene song, this song is a serious rumble. The hook is catchy and the violin starts making it another anthem for the album. "Fuck signing a petition, we need urban guerillas with high power ammunition."That’s all you need to know.

Stop Snitching - Crazy beat. Super hyped up. There are a lot of tracks on this album. I bang this whileI wash dishes, get me and the kids hyped. A perfect blend of traditional MC cadence and gangster, aggressive content as well as delivery. The ill voice.

Prison of the Mind - "I got the razor in my hands ready to cut my veins" "In the prison of the mind, this is where I’m living" Real and raw. Introspective. Go out shooting, suicide, or allow the power of your mind to carry you to a beautiful place where you find solace and nourishment for your spirit.

Runaway Slave, live in Norway 2009 - Acapella like a beast. Just over 1 minute. Like a beast on the mic I said.

Revolutionary - Last song on the album, only right he leaves us with another anthem. Homie declares war on the sick and steps up to the front line of the battle and puts his fist in the face of the fascist bastards.

Been listening to this for about 2 weeks. Different settings, times of the day & night. I wanted to make sure that I absorbed the vibe in its entirety. I’m real picky about what I actually buy, then listen to more than a few times. This is music that actually has longevity because it bangs. There are many "conscious rappers" or "political minded rappers" that really lack the energy in their delivery and live show but not Capital X. Myself and Kiawitl have been blessed to perform a few times with brother and he gets all walks of life grooving, chanting his hooks. One of the few people in the world that actually has a CD that I still play and its been what, 2 years since our last show together?Cop this album on i-tunes.

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