Saturday, August 28, 2010

"Eye 4 N Eye"

Capital-"X" and Bredda 1 aka Sheepy Wonder from Kristiansand, Norway collaborated on this track and video to draw attention to a dozen very compelling stories and strong claims of innocence. Produced by 2Deep of Anno Domini Beats they project took the course of about 6 months to complete. The song was recorded in Norway and the video was filmed in Stiftelsen Arkivet (Archive Foundation) building. It was there that the Nazi's through the exploits of the men and women who, because of their endeavours to maintain a free and independent Norway, were incarcerated within its walls. During the 4 years from 1942 to 1945, over 3500 men and women spent more than 4 days in what became known as "The house of horrors" and "Tower of Torture". Most of them suffered tough interrogation, over 400 were cruelly and systematically tortured, and 162 died in concentration camps or were executed. Sheepy worked tirelessly to gain us access to these torture chambers to film. We rapped for all death row prisoners and their families and loved ones but we do mention 12 very controversial cases that everyone should look into for themselves and who knows, I may see you out there on the front lines. Please pass the video around. We really hope that it will make a difference. Peace and progress. Always. "X" Though we only mention twelve cases, these twelve cases represent over 12 thousand others caught up in the web of the system. I urge every that reads this to look into these cases and pass the information along. Stopping injustice is up to us, we the people. This is dedicated to all the victims that are created surrounding the death penalty. To all the condemned. All hope is never lost. On AmeriKKKa's Death Rows Justin Wolfe Sarge Cleve Foster Jeff Wood Luis Perez Tony Ford Roney ( Cool C) Christopher Mumia Troy Davis Randy Halprin Juan Ramirez Max Soffar Scott Panetti

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