Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Capital-"X" Cd Review

Capital-“X”’s rap is bloody serious. -Rune Slyngstad

A voice for the voiceless
305375. (IGWT Records.

Under the Protestfestival last year, Capital-“X” did a concert. It is easy to understand that he has been invited to the festival this year as well; to do a concert this coming Friday. Because this man burns. He has a burning soul with a strong message. Capital-“X” calls himself The Voice of The Voiceless. He does that after seeing and experiencing what exists of injustice and corruption on both sides of the walls. He grew up in Brooklyn, and had a difficult childhood with parents from Puerto Rico.
Capital-“X”’s rap is bloody serious. Neither he nor anyone else should defend crime and criminality, and it is not what this is about neither. It is about the fight for justice and for human rights. Capital-“X” is in other words a political activist. He calls what he does “Raptivism”.
It feels good to hear a rapper who doesn’t just brag about himself and talk about all the dope parties, but instead uses his voice in a meaningful battle. It is especially nice to hear that him and his helpers also has a strong grip on the rhythms, the groove and the over-all production. The tracks are through and through strong with lots of fresh intros from different speeches and actions. This long and rich album in over 73 minutes is full of substance and strong vibes. It is almost a little scary to dive down into the substantial depth of this. Try it anyway!

Rune Slyngstad, Fædrelandsvennen, 07.09.2010.
Translated to English by: Kristin Oftebro

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